My Character Reference

I've go soooo many characters over time... this is a quick reference guide so you'll know who's who and for me to know who I still need to make when I do sets. The character pages are gone.

Me Lisabit (MLP) Lisabit Mouse (Furry/Sonic) Kat (KitKat) Katacombs

Tynami and Change

EQ meets MLP
Sailor Tsunami
Sailor Moon
EQ meets MLP
Fandom Characters
Lisa Amai
DC's Legion
Star Wars
Darth Viskia
Star Wars
Star Trek
Diya/Lady Diamond
Harry Potter
Mack the Keeper
Doctor Who
Sailor Maia
Sailor Moon
Aquamarine "Mari"
Steven Universe
Kari w/Mariar
Pixie Hollow
Teal Power Ranger
Green Lantern
w/Kenrith, Pern
My Other Elves

Sea Glade Holt

Sea Glade is a small island that is connected by a land bridge just outside of a huge forest. Under the water there are huge caverns and a delicate coral reef around the outside. In the forest there's a system of trees with small dwellings at the base and high above everything else where the elves live when not in the water.

Ribbon Shelldust Fireshade Aero Flight
Ilyian Calmwaves Tywaves Ravendusk Daran

Cresthaven Holt

Cresthaven is an elven holt on the shores off of Sea Glade, it holds the Wolfrider tribe that found the sea elves and recently they added members from an unnamed cat elf tribe and the humans adopted by the sea elves.

Wolvesfire Marcenia Blomstre Nightflash Jeweleyes
Mooncrest Firemane Swiftcreek Amber Pineblossom
  Meadowleaf Kitten Smokeleaf  

Storm Holt

Storm Holt is another island near Sea Glade where a seperate elven tribe live. Eventually, these elves join Sea Glade Holt. The Storm Elves came from me creating Six Tribes, but only one member from this tribe is now a part of Six Tribes, Rol.

  Seabreeze Stormcaller Violet Twitterfin
Sweeetdusk Lau Elm Tinkertide Starpearl
Six Tribes Holt

Six Tribes was created when six elves from six different tribes were called together by a High Ones' spirit to find lost elves from all over Abode. They've found many wanderers that have joined their group and constantly fall the pull of Guin, the High One. The original six were Shymist, Cirrah, Anyu, Thistle, Tailspin and Duskbite.

Shymist Cirrah Anyu Thistle Tailspin Duskbite
Li Sorien Rol Honey Finch Tangle
    Marble Petunia Guin  
My Dreamworld

Dreamworld is a world of the elements. Earth, Air, Fire, Water as well as Night and Day. I was originally going to make this an RPG, but it kinda didn't work out. This is a world that I made even before I was online. Dreamworld is from a story I started when I was in elementary school. Daranya and the people of her world live in a fantasy world of magic and mystery... I never did finish that story. I recently, jokingly, added some Hogwarts type elements cause of a forum I was on a few years ago... I think they're cute. Dreamworld has 6 different realms in it. Each distinctively different than the other. If I get enough interest in this group, I may rewrite the story.

Daranya (+ Empress D) Darious Foxx Emevol
Halinor Whitelighter (+ White Raven -LSH) Countess
Miakiana Cherisea Skyea Koehthar
My Little Pony OCs
Secret Garden Frost Heartfelt Starbright Lizzy

+ many more...

Original Characters
Farangel Miss Kitty Isabeau
My Main Unicats
Rosalie Elvis
World of Danen Player Characters
Brin O'Mynn Raithlyn Jewel Raintouch
Trisley Raven Mist Freeskin Onah
Other Player Characters
Coral Kit Sunflower

All of these are my characters, please do not use elsewhere.

Furry version by Abel. Pony base by Selenaede. Dollmaker versions made with makers from azalea and dolldivine. Sunflower micro by Icemoon.
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